White Tea

According to a past review, white tea is the least processed of all the teas, which accounts for its light, delicate flavor. The minimal processing also means white tea holds onto a high amount of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and fat-burning EGCG, making it another potentially beneficial brew for trimming weight.

“White tea has been suggested to help speed up the breakdown of fat cells and block the formation of new ones, so it can potentially offer weight loss benefits,” Koszyk says.
For example, a past test-tube study found that white tea extract did precisely that: stimulate the breakdown of human fats and prevent new fat cells from forming. According to researchers, these effects were in large part thanks to EGCG.

Test-tube studies can help direct future research. “In-vitro studies allow us to test hypotheses in a controlled environment using specific cells without distractions or complications that other variables bring when using human subjects,” Koszyk says. However, the results don’t necessarily translate to actual human beings, she adds. Those human studies are still needed.

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